14/26b-5 (Thunderball)

Located in the area of the Moray Firth / Witch Ground Graben. Drilled in Q4 1997 to assess stratigraphic pinchout on a basal Punt Sandstone fan. Reservoir interval was in the upper Jurassic Ettrick D sands (late Volgian to Ryazanian) with Lower Cretaceous Captain sands a secondary objective. The well reached TD in the Sgiath Formation / Granite wash and was successfully drilled using the Ocean Guardian semi-submersible drilling rig.

48/17c-12 (Waveney)

The Waveney field lies to the west of the Lancelot and Guinevere fields in the southern gas basin. The gas field is a low relief northwest trending asymmetrical anticline. The Upper Permian Rotliegend reservoir predominantly comprises of aeolian dune and aeolian sandsheet facies with minor amounts of sandy sabkha and fluvial facies deposited in the Southern Permian basin under hot, semi-arid desert conditions. Hydrocarbons are sourced from down dip in Carboniferous Westphalian Coals. The well was successfully drilled in Q1 1996 using the Maersk Enhancer jack-up drilling rig.

1996 to 1997 as Mudlogger for Baker Hughes Inteq.