30/02a-5 (Courageous)

The Courageous field is a four way dip enclosure with hydrocarbons found in sands from the distal reaches of the Palaeocene Forties turbidite fan which comprises of interbedded deep marine sandstones and shales. The well was drilled in 2005 using the John Shaw semi-submersible drilling rig.

9/23a-T1, 9/23a-T2X (Tullich)

Tullich field lies to the southeast of the Gryphon field and to the east of the Harding field in the UK Southern North Sea sector. The hydrocarbon reservoir is in sandstones of the Lower Eocene age Balder Formation. The wells were drilled between Q4 2001 and Q1 2002 using the Borgsten Dolphin semi-submersible drilling rig.

9/14b-S2Z, 9/14b-S2X, 9/14b-S7 (Leadon)

The Leadon field straddles blocks 9/14a and 9/14b and comprises Early Eocene Balder and Horda Formations. The reservoir interval consists primarily of Frigg Sandstone Member sediments. These mainly comprise injected sandstones into Horda Formation claystones. The wells were drilled between Q1 2002 and Q2 2002 using the Noble Ton Van Langeveld (TVL) semi-submersible drilling rig.

30/17a-J7Z, 30/17a-J9Z (Janice)

Janice field is located in the Central North Sea and lies approximately 175 miles east-south-east of Aberdeen. The wells were drilled in 2001 using the Borgny Dolphin semi-submersible drilling rig and in 2003 using the Noble Ton Van Langeveld (TVL) semi-submersible drilling rig.

2001 to 2003 as Wellsite Geologist for Barrel Consultants Ltd.

9/14a-B, 9/14a-Bz, 9/14a-By, 9/14a-Bx (Leadon)

The Leadon field reservoir is described as two broad domal structures with four way dip closure generated by compactional drape of claystones above sand bodies. The Late Paleocene / early Eocene Balder Formation reservoir sands are unconsolidated in nature and have high porosities and permeabilities. The reservoir sands were deposited in a sub-aqueous system with the source for the field believed to bew the Kimmeridge Claystone Formation. The wells were drilled between Q4 1999 and Q1 2000 using the Sedco 704 semi-submersible drilling rig.

97/12-1 (Lyme Bay)

Situated off the Dorset coast the well consisted of interbedded sandstones, siltstones and claystones of the Sherwood Sandstone Group. I was involved in the pre-job DWOP with the well being drilled in Q3 1995.

1995 to 2000 as Data Engineer / Mudlogger for Baker Hughes Inteq.