23/16f-C1/C1Z (Columbus)

A development well designed to target the Palaeocene to early Eocene turbidite sandstones of the Sele Formation, Forties Sandstone Member. The horizontal reservoir section was directionally drilled and geosteered using the Schlumberger GeoSphere HD ultra deep resistivity tool. The well was operated by Xceed who drilled the well during the first and second quarter of 2021 using the Maersk Resilient jack-up drilling rig. Due to deteriorating hole conditions in the original wellbore the well was successfully sidetracked and logged (C1Z) and the open hole reservoir interval was completed and tied back via a subsea manifold to the Arran-Shearwater pipeline.

2021 as Consultant Wellsite Geologist for DXC Geological Ltd.